SO Tech is an AMO EASA Part 145 providing

line maintenance support around the world


Our philosophy is

"Safety, quality and flexibility"

Tel: 354 423 7800
Sudurlandsbraut 48 108 Reykjavik, Iceland


Meet our management staff


SO Tech Engineers provide high level of expertise on a wide range of aircraft and engine types.


Today we are dedicated to your satisfaction throughout the world.



We at SO Tech are a team of highly skilled professionals in the aviation industry from various backgrounds.

We seek to offer exceptional service tailored to our customer’s needs.


SO Tech can offer quick reaction to specific customer last minute requests thanks to our close proximity and working relationship with our local authorities, efficient structure and immediate decision making supported by our approved procedures.

At SO Tech you are not just another number. We strive for excellence in our service, and apply our company motto to each one of our customers “quality, safety and flexibility”.




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